If you're a fashionista or a trendy street style lover with a weakness for shoes, watching new collections emerge on the runways can be torturous since most of them are highly unaffordable. Nonetheless, such is the nature of fashion, that these products often end up in more affordable fast fashion lines. Here we give you some trends to watch out for this year. No matter what your style, we have you covered. 

1) Everything goes when it comes to sandals

Summertime brings you an avalanche of colorful sandals  You can opt for street style favorite sliders or try simple sandal designs in pops of vivid colors. The more adventurous ones can wear runway favorites such as embellished strappy sandals in bright colors. Don't stop there; consider feather embellished sandals to let the in-crowd know you're one of them.

2) Glammed up wedges and mules

No matter where you go this year, you can't escape the lure of mules and wedges. For everyday wear, you can sport wedge heels that are not too high and printed colorful mules. To grab attention, on the other hand, you can opt for sky-high wedge sandals and heeled mules in bright colors.

3) Sneakers still rule

The white sneakers have given way to dad shoes - bulky soled running shoes. Those who want to play it safe can still wear white sneakers or slip-on sneakers with loud prints. However, if you want to flash your cool girl status, try dad sneakers in brilliant colors or a bold flashy white. 

4) Classic styles get an upgrade

Slingbacks, kitten heels, pumps, and stilettos are all back on the fashion scene in a massive way. Therefore, you can wear classic styles and still get away with it. But if you want to take it up a notch, opt for embellished slingbacks, snakeskin-patterned kitten heels, pumps in bright shades, and stilettos with clear PVC detailing.

5) Two extremes - flip flops and boots

Flip flops are going to be high fashion accessories in 2018. You can opt for sleek simple strappy designs or go for bold embellished ones. On the other end of the spectrum, you have cowboy boots, combat boots, and ankle boots, so stride into the sunset with style this year.

Now go ahead and check out shoe collections to create your own stylish shoe wardrobe for the year!