Sometimes designers showcase some really over the top things and call it haute couture (high fashion). While they are interesting to look at on the runway, they are oftentimes not suitable to wear in real life. From peacock headdresses to clear plastic clothes, their imagination runs wild even when it comes to footwear. If you’re thinking, well how bizarre can footwear really get, we have some killer examples of shoes that are all kinds of strange!

  1. 1.     The Fish Shoe

We kid you not, this was an actual shoe that made waves (get it) on the runway. It is the brainchild of designer Andre Perugia who was paying tribute to cubist artists of the 50’s. The fish pump was the original inspiration for other equally bizarre fish-themed designer footwear.

  1. 2.     Designer Swarovski Studded Crocs

Yup, you heard that right. Never thought you’d hear the words “designer and Swarovski” in the same sentence as regular “Crocs” right? Designer Christopher Kane was on a mission to revamp your everyday boring Crocs into something more…sparkly? We’ll leave it up to you to decide if he succeeded or not.

  1. 3.     Ugg x Teva Hybrid Sandal

It’s not just designers with unpronounceable names who make fashion headlines with their creations. Earlier this year, popular boots makers Ugg collaborated with Teva to bring out the Hybrid Sandal that is part casual sandal and part comfy boot. To be honest, it kind of looks like a plaster for your broken foot when you wear them. What do you think?

  1. 4.      Men’s High Heels

We are all for breaking gender stereotypes and believe that fashion should be for everyone. Maybe we’re not fashion forward enough to appreciate this, but we aren’t exactly digging designer label Hood by Air’s completely OTT vinyl high-heeled boots for men. That being said, high heels for men are one of the hottest trends of 2017 and it has already been endorsed by many celebrities like Harry Styles and Kanye West.

  1. 5.     Grass sandals

This was not exactly a runway shoe, but these sandals that look like they’re made of grass were spotted everywhere last year. There’s been divided opinion on this; we think they look comfy and kinda cute albeit a bit bizarre. It’s good to channel your weird self every once in a while, right?


There’s your dose of bizarre shoe trends that we just didn’t get. If you want to counter all that weirdness, head on over to Paragon’s online store for some perfectly sane, solid and stylish shoes!