Storing shoes correctly is the best way to ensure they last for a long time. Most of us are used to throwing them into the boxes they came in or into shoe bags and stacking them up. This doesn't look too appealing, nor does it benefit the shoes. Here are five creative ways in which you can store your shoes so that they last forever in style:

1) A stylish set of shelves dedicated to shoes

Instead of buying a utilitarian shoe rack that jars with the decor of your room, opt for a custom made set of shelves made of a durable material. Make sure it goes with the rest of the room decor and display your shoes the same way you see in stores or walk-in closets.

2) Display your designer shoes

Add your designer shoes to the room decor by adding them to your collection of coffee table books and knick knacks on the shelves. This way, everyone who visits you can view your fanciest designer shoes.

3) Storing shoes in similar boxes

One way to reap the benefits of shoe boxes while keeping things sexy is to opt for a set of clear boxes. If that's not your style, opt for a set of covered boxes and affix a picture of the set of shoes inside it to the side.

4) Storing shoes according to style

If you have a penchant for certain shoe styles then it'd be great to display them on an open shelf by clubbing them together. This way all your sneakers, heels, boots, etc. are grouped together aesthetically instead of being mixed together in a haphazard manner.

5) Storing shoes out of sight

Pretty much all ideas above deal with open displays. However, if you feel that shoes make your room look cluttered, you can opt for closed shelves or use curtains to cover open racks. Alternatively, you can hide your shoes in shoe storage boxes that fit under the bed or have them tucked away inside ottomans or side seats with concealed storage areas.

Go ahead and buy all the shoes you want now, since you know exactly how to store them.