The right pair of shoes can give you all the confidence you need for the day. It has the power to elevate an otherwise boring outfit and tie your whole look together. Imagine if you’re wearing a basic black kurti with plain leggings – now add a pair of statement high heels to your look. Instant oomph and glamour added with zero effort!

Of course, it isn’t realistic to be expected to bring out your stilettos everyday to look great. It’s equally important for your footwear to be comfortable, especially if you’re going to be wearing them all day. So how do you add the glam quotient to your plain but comfy old sneakers and slippers? You get creative and do a little DIY project to make your shoes go from drab to fab without compromising on comfort.

Here’s a list of our favorite accessories that can really jazz up your shoes and give them a fun makeover.

           1.       Add chains

This one is perfect for those solid black boots you have sitting in your closet. Just get some link chains or a pair of matching edgy necklaces and hook it around your boots. You can even link silver bracelets together to form a chain. The best part is that it is easily removable – so you can still wear the boots sans chains for an official meeting.

           2.       Glue a brooch or earring on

Just as there are shoes in your rack that you rarely wear, we’re sure you also have earrings in your jewelry box that never see the light of day. So club the two together and create a look that is fun and will ensure you get to use both items. This works best for solid colored, simple heels or sandals like these beige heels. Simply attach a brooch or an earring to your shoes/sandals with glue and you have a bejeweled pair on your hands (or feet!).

           3.       Glitter-bomb them!

This one is such an easy and fun DIY project and it works with absolutely any pair you want to try it on. Pick out one lucky pair of shoes for a makeover – it can be your converse sneakers, sandals or flip-flops. Use regular glue or fabric glue depending on the material you are working with and sprinkle your choice of glitter liberally over the surface. You can get extra creative with this by making designs and using the glitter on just those spaces. Leave overnight to dry completely before wearing them. Bonus points if you pick holographic glitter to really take things up a notch!

           4.       Doodle on them

This one is for the boys as well. It works best for a simple white canvas shoe. Google some doodle designs, Aztec prints, cartoons or any other art that catches your eye. Use felt tip pens or good quality sketch pens (make sure the ink doesn’t bleed onto the surface) and draw your preferred designs onto the shoe. Let it dry for a while and they’re ready to add color and drama to your outfits!

           5.       Add lace

Go to your neighborhood tailor shop or even rummage through your mum’s stitching supplies. You’ll be sure to find some pretty lace fabric. All you need is the lace, scissors and glue. Trim the lace to your shoe’s size and glue it around the edges. You can even choose to cover the entire shoe with it. This works best on ballerinas, peep-toes and pumps. It can transform a boring shoe into one that is delicate and beautiful.

There you have it! No more excuses for not wearing some of the shoes in your closet. Give them a makeover this weekend and we guarantee they’ll quickly become your favorite pair. Head on Paragon Footwear and you can buy something from their affordable and comfortable range of shoes and then use your DIY tricks on them.