Every time you buy a gorgeous new pair of shoes, it comes with a great risk of those dreaded, pesky little things called shoe bites. Painful and unpleasant looking, shoe bites are definitely a scarring experience (physically and mentally).  

For the lucky few who haven’t experienced these yet: shoe bites are the unsightly sores that occur on our foot when wearing a new pair or ill-fitting shoes. How they occur you may ask. The tight-fitting shoes cause friction with the skin giving way to painful inflammation and swelling.    

They might be annoying and seemingly impossible to avoid, but we have some quick and easy hacks to combat them:

1.  Coconut Oil

Also known as the Magic Oil, coconut oil is the ideal medication for all kinds of pain. When it comes to shoe bites apply the oil around the areas of your feet that are broader and where your slippers are bound to cut.

2. Blow Drying

Prevent shoe bites by stuffing some sock in your shoes and blow drying them till they are hot. The heat slowly releases and opens up the shoes making them comfortable to wear.

3. Talcum to the Rescue

One of the main causes of shoe bites is excessive sweating. To avoid that, powder your feet before putting your shoes on. This will keep your feet dry and fresh.  Talcum powder also helps reduce any burning or tingling sensation that you may feel if youre already suffering from shoe bites.

4.   The Vaseline Trick

Vaseline is extremely effective in reducing friction between the back of your feet and your shoe. The trick is simple. Just apply generously on the affected area.  Let it dry for 2 minutes before slipping your feet in! 

5. The Band-Aid

The easiest and the most commonly used hack to tackle shoe bites is the Band-Aid trick. Whenever you get a shoe bite, just slap on a Band-Aid on the bruised area. It cuts friction, and prevents any possible mishaps from happening.

With these hacks up your sleeve, go shop for a new pair of extra comfortable and stylish shoes from Paragon Footwear.