Finding the perfect pair of shoes is not an easy task, and neither is maintaining them to last a lifetime. So, in this week’s post, we are here to tell you some easy-to-use tricks and hacks that will save your time and money when it comes to your footwear. Follow these footwear hacks regularly and you’ll see that your favourite pair of shoes will stay brand new for a long, long time!

 1) Clean them With Toothpaste!

Sounds weird, right? But, this trick actually works. Shoes made of fabric, like sneakers, tend to get dirty soon. Also, you’ll have a tough time cleaning these ones of stains if you happen to get any on them. In such cases, mix a teaspoon of baking soda with your toothpaste and rub the soiled part of the shoe with a toothbrush. Once that is done, wash of with warm water.

Ta-da! Your shoes will look brand new again.

 2) Keep The Smell Away With Tea Bags

Smelly shoes are an absolute no-no! If you are running late and have a pair of stinky shoes and want to get rid of the smell overnight, then a cup of tea is your answer. Place a tea bag in your shoe overnight and you’ll see that this will absorb the smell by morning.

 3) Loosen Those Heels

This one is a saviour for all the ladies! If you have bought women’s heels online and if they happen to be a tad bit too tight for you, then here’s a shoe hack for you. Wear those heels and use a hair dryer around them. The heat will help expand your shoes and you won’t have to deal with blisters again!

Alternatively, you can fill a ziplock bag with water, place it in your shoe, and chuck the shoe in the freezer. The water will turn into ice, expanding your shoe.

 4) Use Sand Paper for Slippery Shoes

If you have a pair of slippery shoes, then rub the sole of your shoe with sandpaper to increase the friction with the floor.

 5) Store them in a Dry Space

Here’s a footwear safety tip for you! If you want your footwear to last a lifetime, then start by storing them better. Footwear and moisture do not make a great combination, so store your shoes in cloth bags in a cool, dry place.

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