The right footwear can fill you with confidence or pull you down with discomfort. Many times in order to look good we often overlook the comfort factor and if we are concerned about comfort we sometimes have to compromise on the looks.

But who says good looking shoes can't be comfortable? Here are our top 5 favourite casual Paragon designs crafted to make a stylish statement without compromising on comfort.

1.  The Brown Beauty

Women brown sandal slipper

Nothing spells stylish and comfortable better than the Paragon Women's Brown Sandals. The cushioned sole and the firm V-strap feature merged with the fine brown leather finish make this design a must have!

2. The Classic Black

Women black color sandal

Evergreen fashion never goes out of style. These classic Black Sandals with the adjustable strap for custom grip and the firm yet comfortable sole make this casual design perfect for a day of shopping with friends. We sure can't go through a day of shopping in uncomfortable shoes now, can we?

3. The Stylish Sling-back

Womens black sandal slipper

When it comes to stylish footwear, every woman MUST have the sling-back staple! The comfortable and embellished black sling-back sandals from Paragon are sure to take your breath away with their design and utility.

4. Can't Ignore the Prints

Women's pink slipper

When we think of fashion and style we immediately start visualising prints and colours. And that is exactly what the Paragon Women's Printed Flip-Flops are all about! The delicate floral prints, the trendy dual V-strap feature and let's not forget the immense comfort one gets in them are a dream come true for those who value comfort and style!

5. The Well-Heeled

Women's black wedge slipper

So we all agree that heels make the ultimate fashion statement at any gathering. We also agree that heels are "feet suicide" - one toe at a time! But what if we had low-rise heels which are extremely comfortable yet super stylish? Now that is what we call footwear mastery and that is exactly what the Paragon Women's Black Wedges deliver! The textured straps and the embellishment on the front make this design irresistible to fashionistas!

These were our top picks, you should check out Paragon’s huge collection of footwear for men and women. Happy shopping!