We all love our shoes and are always looking for ways to keep them in splendid condition. But, thanks to all the running around that we have to do on a daily basis with our footwear on, most often than not, these tend to get worn out soon or can be damaged. So, if you love your shoes as much as we do, follow these 5 shoe hacks to make the most of your footgear!

1) For Tight Quarters

Are those lovely pairs of shoes you bought a little too tight for your comfort? Here’s a hack to loosen your tight shoes in a jiffy! You’ll just need a pair of socks and a blow dryer (which is used to dry hair). First, start off by wearing these shoes over your socks and practise walking around in them. Once they get slightly comfortable, blow dry them with the dryer. Continue doing this once every day for around 3 to 4 days, and you’ll see that they’d have expanded!

 2) Bye, Bye, Blisters!

New shoes can give you some nasty shoe bites and blisters, and those of you who have experienced this know what a nightmare these can be! So, if you want to bid goodbye to blisters, then protect your feet with a band-aid. Place one near the edge of the shoe, where it comes in contact with your skin, and continue doing this until your shoes get soft.

Alternatively, you can also use some baby powder to reduce the friction between your shoe and your skin.

 3) Never Go Down The Slippery Road

Slipping and sliding on your way to work? Slippery shoes can lead to you losing balance and falling. To prevent this, rub sandpaper on the sole of your shoes to improve friction between the floor and the sole of your shoes.

 4) No More Stinky Shoes

If you are worried about smelly shoes, then place a tea bag in it overnight. Tea bags can absorb the smell and you will be left with odour-less shoes in the morning!

 5) Restore The Lost Shine

If you own a pair of classy leather shoes which are losing its shine, then polish them with some moisturizer of good old petroleum jelly. You can also you petroleum jelly to soften your new shoes, too.

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