There is no other fashion accessory that receives as much abuse as shoes do; all that standing and walking around really takes a toll on them. This is all the more frustrating when you own a unique and costly pair of shoes. Lucky for you, we've listed down five tips with which you can make your shoes last forever.

 1. Clean - Always keep your shoes clean. If you do get it wet or dirty, make sure that you wipe the uppers and brush the soles of mud and grit when you get back home. Dust your shoes regularly while it's on the shoe rack so that it doesn't accumulate dust when you're not using it. Do this daily.

 2. Weather-proof - Indian monsoons can really do a number on your shoes. Therefore, either opt for water-proof shoes or spray your shoes with water and stain protector.

 3. Dry - If you get your shoes wet, wipe them down and get rid of excess moisture. Next, remove wet shoelaces and footbeds and dry them separately. Finally, stuff the shoes with newspaper and let them dry. Finish off your leather shoes with a conditioner so that they stay supple.

 4. Add toe-taps - Take all your pointy-toed shoes to a shoe repair store to have them fitted with toe taps. These inexpensive additions will prevent the tip of the soles from wearing out quickly leading to damaged uppers. Toe taps are available in plastic and they last just as long as the metal ones.

However, make sure that you replace them after a while.

 5. Replace heels caps - The heel caps protect the shoe heels and also add a non-slip grip. They tend to erode over time and need to be replaced. You know it’s time to replace it when you can see the exposed metal nail head of the heels.

 Apart from the five tips above, ensure you use shoe bags or shoe boxes to store your shoes. Additionally, keep your shoes away from direct sunlight as it can lead to discoloration or fading. Finally, rotate your shoes by not wearing the same pair every day. Stock up on Paragon shoes that are already durable, stylish and great value for money.