Most people don't give shoe soles a second thought while purchasing shoes. In fact, wearing the wrong shoes on a particular terrain can either damage them or hurt your feet. Though shoe-manufacturers nowadays ensure that all soles provide some level of grip, there are five common types of soles that you need to know about before you purchase the next pair:

1. Rubber soles

These soles are made of organic or recycled rubber. They are flexible, waterproof and long-lasting. They can withstand daily wear and tear and are ideal for daily wear. Plus, they can be designed to suit different shoe styles - from formal shoes to hiking boots. 

2. Lugged soles

These are the kind of chunky soles you'd find on your hiking or utility boots. They're made of rubber and provide great traction and weather resistance. They're also known as commando soles and are ideal for rough or slippery terrain or places where your feet require extra protection such as work areas. They require regular cleaning because they tend to accumulate dirt between the lugs.

3. Christy soles

The Christy sole is a reliable lightweight sole that provides great traction and stability. The defining characteristic is that it has no defined heel. They're made of blown rubber and have a ripple pattern. They're aesthetically pleasing and therefore an ideal addition to your wardrobe. However, they're not as hardy as lugged soles when it comes to facing rough terrain. 

4. Camp soles

Though designed for casual wear, the camp sole delivers great traction while staying lightweight and waterproof. It's made of rubber and is usually found on Moccasins and loafers.

5. Cork soles

Cork, harvested from cork trees is a soft material that is compacted to create cork soles. Like leather, they conform to the wearer's foot and thus provide a custom fit. They also offer great impact resistance, and foot support, therefore, are ideal for hours of standing and sitting. Plus, they are waterproof and therefore can withstand rain.

Now that you're armed with the right info, go ahead and purchase your next pair and this time, check the soles. Paragon is known for shoes that last ages – mostly thanks to their ultra-durable, high quality soles!