The onset of October not only brings with it winter but also a season of festivities, celebrations and weddings. This celebratory season lasts until New Years, and apart from planning the annual holiday, one also has to plan for the umteenth parties one has to attend. And being seen in the same attire in one too many parties is a huge NO.

So, let's get party ready and where better to start than footwear?

Get yourself some exclusive range of stylish and trendy ethnic footwear from Paragon and rock your party look. Here's a look at 5 must-have footwear designs in men's shoes.

A range of premium formal footwear for men these comfortable sandals that come in two colours - black and tan, have a minimal design and are extremely durable. Wear them with your pyjama-kurta to keep it casual yet stylish. A great pair to have on if you are the host of the party - because it's comfortable and durable!

This range of footwear from Paragon includes trendy and sensible flip-flops and sandals for men. These particular slip-on sandals with a toe loop connected to the middle strap come in three colours - black, brown and tan. A must-have footwear to wear with jeans and kurtas.

These stylish ethnic black sandals for men with a velcro strap and a yellow sole are the ultimate in style statement. Wear them with your black tussar silk kurta-pyjama on a party night to be the talk of the party!

Paragons ParaLite range of footwear is light and comfortable. These formal flip-flops for men with a broad front strap come in blue and black colours and are great to wear with your dhoti-kurta, especially if you are the best man to the groom! Keep it comfortable while you run errands for your BFF.

These ultra trendy and stylish formal sandals for men with its sleek black strap are a must have for the party animal at heart. Stylish, light, comfortable and trendy, these pair of sandals will go great with your jodhpuri pantsuits!

So, whether you are attending a friends sangeet or just dressed up for a Bollywood night out with your girl, keep it stylish with Paragons range of designer men's shoes. Choose from a wide range of footwear designs and make a lasting impression; after all picking, the right pair of shoes can make or break your look!