When it comes to footwear, a woman can never have too many of them. But to be realistic, not every woman can have a wardrobe full of shoes like Carrie Bradshaw. With so many options in women’s footwear to choose from, it becomes quite a daunting task to decide between what you desire and what you must have.

To make your shoe collection functional and fashion-friendly, while keeping the budget in mind, we bring you five essentials in ladies footwear which are basic, utility-driven and stylish at the same time.

Daily-wear sandals

Flat sandals for women are one of the most versatile footwear ever designed. It works with casuals like dresses and jeans, or with your regular work wear like kurti or work formals. Make this black, strappy sandal your go-to wear and stay comfortable without compromising on style.

Comfortable sneakers

Your feet take the pressure of your entire body and hence it needs the ultimate comfort. A pair of ergonomically designed sneakers like these can keep your feet cushioned while exercising, traveling, or those long walks in your free time.

Heeled Sandals

A pair of heeled sandals for women are an essential shoe closet item. It’s good to have one in a neutral shade like nude, beige, or fawn like the ones from our Solea collection. They work great with business formals, party attire, or even your traditional salwar kameez or saree.

Basic pumps

Pumps and ballerinas have been an age-old favourite of women. They are dynamic in design, shapes, and heel styles, making it complement every outfit. While the flat ones work great as a casual accessory with jeans, shorts, and skirts, the ones with the block or high heels make pair perfectly with your business suits or dresses. 

Colourful Flip-flops

The quintessential flip-flops are like the basic necessity for every woman’s wardrobe. They are vibrant, versatile, and you can wear them with pretty much any casual outfit. They are perfect for the Indian weather and keeps your feet breathing all day. From lounging at home to your beach vacation, a pair of colourful flip-flops are a must-have in your footwear collection.

So, get set on your shoe shopping and find your sole-mates from our shoe collection!