You’ve got your hair fixed, your outfit is on point, but now is the time for the big question. What kind of footwear do you pair with your attire? Casual? Semi-casual? Or just go for the best bet - formal shoes for men? Which one should you pick? To help you with your crisis, read on this week’s blog where we have got your feet covered! Here’s an ultimate guide to men’s footwear - the how and where to wear them. Read on!

For The Date Night

Want to make a lasting first impression on that one special person? Then you have to put in some effort to dress up. Formal shoes or Oxford shoes in black or tan are perfect for a night when you have decided to dress up. And if you are wondering where you can find a pair of smart and comfortable footwear, then Paragon Max formal shoes are your answer. Paragon’s latest range of formal footwear is perfect for all occasions when you want to look dapper and suave. You can find these men’s formal shoes online on their website, too. Check it out now!

For A Night Out With Your Boys

Planning a fun night out with your bunch of boys? Then sport some sneakers for a casual and comfortable look. Sneakers look perfect with T-shirts and jeans and the different colours that they are available in make for a great footwear option!

For That Office Party

Dressing up for office parties is always tricky because you have to maintain the right balance between fun and formal. So, if you are headed for a day out with your coworkers, then pick out a cool pair of loafers to give you that semi-casual look.

For Some Family Time

Family get-togethers and functions make it a mandate for you to put your best foot forward. If you are headed for a family do, then try on some classy leather shoes with a semi-casual shirt. This is a supersensible choice and will give you an uber cool look!