Did you know that flip-flops date as far back as the 1,500 B.C?  The first ones are thought to have originated in Ancient Egypt around 4,000 BC. They were seen worn by ancient Egyptians initially and then became more popular after World War II. It finally reached its peak in popularity around 1960’s as unisex footwear.

A few years later in the year 1975, Paragon made its entry into the Indian market with a production capacity of 1500 pairs a day! Today, Paragon's total production capacity is 400,000 pairs a day! Their in-house design team work tirelessly to bring you the latest in design, trend and colour to keep you cool and casual, especially during the hot summer months. 

The next question that comes to mind is when and where to wear them. Let's look at some basic flip-flop styles from Paragon and some places that are ideal for wearing these thong sandals.

The Pool: If you are attending a pool party anytime soon, this pair of funky purple fruity flip flops from Paragon are a must have. The tiny grapes on the thong straps are just as alluring as the colour and print.

The Beach: The best way to tread through the sand is undoubtedly in a pair of outdoor flip flops. And what better choice than this fun colour combination of green, yellow and grey for style as well as comfort.

The Shower: Keep it stylish and comfortable even while in the shower with this brightly colored orange and grey bathroom flip-flops. Also stay foot healthy with its stimulating insoles for circulation and better health.

Avoid fabric flip-flops in such cases, since you are inevitably going to get them wet!

A Sunday: Perfect for running errands to the local grocery store or even meeting friends for friendly banter over chai these flip flops are a perfect choice. This Vertex range of footwear from Paragon includes trendy and sensible flip-flops and sandals for men and come in two colors - brown and red.

Paragon offers colourful and trendy flip flops for women.

 A long journey: When taking on a long journey by flight or train, carrying a pair of flip-flops in your tote is a must. A perfect choice are these pair of trendy Paragon happy pink flip flop slippers. Designer and durable they ensure comfort with every step

In such cases, you can choose between flip-flop slippers or flip-flop shoes too.

Rain dance parties: We have all attended a few of these now haven't we? A perfect choice in footwear for such parties are these red rubber flip-flops for women. They are light and comfortable with sturdy straps. Look stylish and bold and make a statement too. Sometimes just picking a metallic colour, like silver flip-flops will also do the trick.

Holi: The one thing that comes to mind when you think of Holi is colour, water, a lot of fun and a whole lot of mess! During such occasions, an easy to clean and “don't mind getting it messy” option are these flip flops! Light comfortable and stylish this pair of flip-flops carries with it a timeless sense of free-spirited charm.


Now that you have a basic idea on flip flop etiquettes, buy new flip flops for any and every occasion only at Paragon. Pick and choose from a wide variety in colour, design and style at the best prices and keep it cool and casual only with Paragon! Pair it with the right clothes and you are bound to make a style statement or two!