Summer is here and India being a tropical country, you know there won’t any respite for the next few months. Sadly, there is no escaping the dry heat, the humidity, the sweat and all the heat-related issues that come along with summer.

While your trusty deo has your underarms smelling fresh as a daisy all day long, there is another oft neglected body part that takes a hit when the heat wave hits. Your feet! Your feet really suffer from a host of problems in warm weather – they sweat, they smell up the room and they can even get fungal infections that thrive in those temperatures.

We have a few handy tips to show you exactly what can be done in these cases!

  1. Foot powder

Never underestimate the simplest solution. Go straight to the pharmacy and stock up on special foot powder to be dusted on your feet before wearing shoes. It absorbs the sweat and helps to keep feet dry and smelling fresh. If you’re in a hurry, you can substitute this with regular talcum powder – it does the job too but not as effectively as a specially formulated foot powder.

        2.  Summer shoes

Time to swap your stuffy shoes for easy breezy flip-flops and open sandals. Bring out the crocs, the beach slippers and the floaters! Wearing footwear that provides breathability to your feet takes care of the problem. Not having to wear socks is also a big plus. So stock up on summer essentials and keep those feet clean and dry!

        3. Give your feet some TLC!

While you can try out the above tips, it is equally important to ensure your feet are healthy and clean. For this, give yourself a mini-pedicure at home. You just need to make sure your feet are scrubbed clean using a mild soap (or baby shampoo), trim your nails, use a pumice stone to buff away dead skin, wipe them dry and use a good moisturizer. Regularly giving your feet some extra TLC will go a long way in preventing fungal infections that are so common in the summer.

There you go – easy hacks to save your feet some trouble this summer. Remember those summer essentials we mentioned? Stock up on open sandals and flip-flops from Paragon’s affordable and comfortable collection!