In a country like India, festivities never stop. Even if they do we just can’t seem to part with the graceful and extremely stylish ethnic wear and let’s not forget, the shoes are a big part of the outfit.

Be it a function, casual wear or even casual Fridays at the office, a good pair of ethnic footwear goes a long way. But buying a new shoe for different occasions is quite a predicament on your wallet.

Well, not really if you are shopping with Paragon Footwear! Let’s look at 5 of our favourite ethnic shoes for men under Rs.1000.

1.    A good tan never fails!

Men tan color slipper

Men Tan color ethnic

Check out the Tan men’s ethnic slippers. Part of the Paragon Max range, this smart pair is perfect for the office. Comfortable and stylish, this pair is your first step in making your office a stylish space!

Price: Rs.599/- only!

2.     The brown charmer!

Men brown ethnic color

Men's Brown color ethnic

The Brown one-toe slipper is perfect for those impromptu temple visits with parents. A masterpiece from the Paragon Vertex range is a sure show stopper when paired with jeans and a dashing kurta.

Price: Rs.339/- only!

3.    The classic black

The Black ethnic slippers from the Paragon Slickers range

Black ethnic slippers

When it comes to ethnic wear, the classic black never fails! The Black ethnic slippers from the Paragon Slickers range have a Velcro strap for a snug fit and a pop of yellow on the insole. When paired with jeans, this pair can surely brighten a day out with the gang!

Price: Rs.749/- only!

4.    The classic design

Mens black color ethnic

Old is charming! When it comes to classic ethnic footwear, the black one toe slippers are a must-have in every man’s shoe closet. A masterpiece from the Paragon ParaLite range, these slip-on shoes are perfect for casual day events.

 Price: Rs.125/- only!

5.    A dash of colour

When it comes to classic ethnic footwear

Men blue color ethnic

It’s about time you broke away from the mundane black and brown colour schemes of ethnic footwear. Let’s take a look at the handsome pair of blue ethnic slippers for men with the evergreen one-toe feature from the Paragon ParaLite range.

Price: Rs.125/- only!

Now that Paragon has presented a selection of stylish and affordable ethnic footwear, what are you still doing here? Click here to take your wallet for a light spin and get stylish with Paragon!