Football has always been considered a game of passion. Up until a few hundred years ago, monks lamented the interest young men had in this game. There are records that show how at least a few British kings even tried to ban this game owing to its distractive nature. Nonetheless, the game persevered.

 Though there are various records of the game being played over the past five centuries, it was the Eton College of England that established a set of rules for the game in 1815. The rules were later revised under the Cambridge Rules. With each revision, the rules of the game became more conducive to athletic activity and less violent. However, one thing that never changed was the importance of the "goal" or the process by which the ball was kicked into net to score points.

 The Football Association was established in October 1863 with the aim of establishing a single unifying code for football. And the first official international football match was played between Scotland and England in 1872. It has been unstoppable ever since and the first World Cup event held in 1930 only made it even more popular worldwide.

 Today football is one of the most popular games in the world. In India, it is eclipsed only by cricket and the Indian Super League comprised of ten football clubs like Bangalore Titans, Delhi Dynamos, Goa, Kerala Blasters  etc. is working to change that.

Owing to the universal nature of the game, it's played on different types of terrains - muddy fields, firm grassy fields, dry pitch, artificial turf, indoor courts, carpets and the streets.

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Except for street shoes which tend to be more stylish and equipped with textured soles for grip, most football shoes possess studs on the soles. This is to ensure they don't slip or slide while a player is running on the fields. The studded shoes are unlike other sports shoes and cannot be worn casually.

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Thankfully, shoe manufacturers know how fanatic football fans can be and have therefore introduced casual footwear such as flip-flops and sandals bearing their teams logos that can be worn with pride all year round.

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