“Good shoes take you good places”

You’ve aced the first 2 rounds of telephonic interviews and now it’s time for the face-to-face meeting with your potential new employers. You may know the in and outs of your job but you also know that first impressions really do make a difference. You wouldn’t hire someone who showed up at a corporate office wearing baggy shorts with unkempt hair, right? How you present yourself is the first non-verbal cue you give other people. It lets them make a judgment on your personality and attention to detail.

So you’ve picked out your crispy new shirt, freshly ironed trousers, a belt and perhaps a tie. As you walk out the door, you look at the shoe rack to pick out your footwear. Since most guys only keep one or two pairs of the generic formal shoe, the choice isn’t hard. Let us stop you right there – you may not know this but shoes are the foundation of what you wear. Gone are the days when you had one black pair that looked different from your sneakers and was your go-to every time you wore a shirt.

Today, men are taking care of themselves more than ever so you need to catch up too. Here’s our pick of the top 3 formal and semi-formal shoes from Paragon that will help tie your interview look together.

  1. 1.      Brown Derby Shoes

A rich deep brown is a trendy alternative to the classic black color. Derby shoes have clean cuts, more texture and uber-stylish lace detailing. These ones from Paragon are crafted from high quality leather and will complement your formal look very well. 

  1. 1.      Semi-Formal Tan Slippers

Yes, slippers can be semi-formal too. If you are interviewing for a company with a more relaxed work culture, a semi-formal outfit would be a great choice. A crisp white shirt, slacks or dark colored denims and a pair of these tan slippers would be a great look. 

Semi formal slippers

  1. 1.      Classic Black Formal Shoes

When you don’t want to go out of your comfort zone or spend time wondering if your footwear stands out too much, stay safe and choose Paragon’s take on the classic black pair. These sleek slip ons have chunky block heels to ensure maximum comfort with minimum fuss. 

Classic black formal shoes

We hope this helps you up your shoe game and slay those interviews!