Leather wear and accessories are making a come back to the fashion scene, and how! A staple in many people’s wardrobe, leather products are tricky to purchase. The first question you find asking yourself is, ‘Is this leather fake or genuine?’. Well, you aren’t the only one if you are confused. It is not always easy to know the difference between good and bad leather. So, if you are on a leather shopping spree, then read this before you empty your (leather) wallet!

 What’s The Difference Between Real And Faux Leather?

The major difference between good leather and bad leather is the animal skin that is used in making it. While faux leather is made out of man-made, synthetic material which is a plastic-based and then treated with wax, real leather comes from the hide of animals like oxen, buffalo, and sheep. And if you are a true leather connoisseur, you will know that fake leather pales in comparison to real leather. Real leather has a musty smell, is textured, changes colour over time,  and feels warm.

 What Is Aniline, Semi-aniline & Pigmented?

Pure leather comes in three types: Aniline, Semi-Aniline, and Pigmented leather.

Aniline is the purest form of leather where the material is not coated with any substance. Due to this, Aniline leather is prone to scratches, wetness, stain and sunlight.

Semi-aniline leather is the next best kind of leather available. Semi-aniline is usually coated with a protective layer on top for protection

Pigmented leather, like the name suggests, is coated with a layer of pigment. This feels less leather-like in comparison to Aniline and Semi-aniline, but lasts longer due to the coatings.

 It’s Time To Test!

There are  a lot of tests that you can do to see if the leather is real or fake. The most basic test of all is the moisture test. Place a droplet of water to see if it gets absorbed or not. Real leather tends to absorb water as it contains thousands of small pores on the surface.

Another test that you can do it the wrinkle test. Real leather wrinkles and changes colour when it is bent.

The surface ‘grain’ or texture is also an important factor in finding out the authenticity of the material. Real leather has a grainy texture and a somewhat uneven surface.

 Leather accessories and products are expensive, well-crafted and plush. Know the difference between real and fake leather and make a smart choice! But, if you are looking for a stylish yet affordable pair of leather shoes or boots, then check out Paragon’s latest range of leather shoes for men & women.