There's something inherently amazing about high heels. The elevation they provide makes you look taller and helps give the illusion of long legs. Apart from this, high heels add a sexy sway to your walk and when you do it just right, you look like a supermodel sashaying down the ramp. This is the reason why most women have at least one pair of high heels in their shoe wardrobe.

But are high heels aren't necessarily suitable for extended wear. They can be painful and if chosen incorrectly, can leave you with blisters and bunions. However, if you're adamant about wearing high heels, you can do it, provided you follow these rules:

1) Purchase the right pair

Here are the fundamental rules to follow while buying a pair of heels:

  • Select the appropriate size and fit. Sizes vary through brands, therefore do a foot measurement before purchasing a pair.
  • Buy snug, comfortable heels. Don’t think of breaking into a hard, tight pair. In the same way, don’t purchase a pair that is very loose either since it’ll slide around and you won’t be able to keep your balance.
  • Buy a pair towards the end of the day when your feet have swelled up after a day of walking so that you know what is the maximum space allowance you’ll need.
  • Buy a pair that provides optimum arch and heel support. Similarly, ensure that there’s at least half an inch between the big toe and the front of the shoe since the feet slide forward as you walk.
  • Wear the heels in the store and walk around in it to ensure it doesn’t pinch or slide. Similarly, practice walking in it for a bit before wearing it out for the first time.

2) Restrict the amount of time you spend in it

Wear your stiletto and platform heels for special occasions only. If you’re going to spend a great deal of time sitting at an event, instead of walking about and getting things done, then high heels are fine.

3) Choose heeled sandals and kitten heels instead

If you like wearing heels on a daily basis, definitely opt for heeled sandals or kitten heels. These provide elevation without compromising on comfort or support. Strappy or slip-on sandals can be worn casually, while kitten-heeled mules and pumps in neutral shades look great when paired with corporate wear.

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