Nothing is worse than finding a pair of shoes you’ve fallen in love with and coming home and realising that you cannot wear them because they don’t fit well. At some point, we are all guilty of squeezing out feet into shoes which are too tiny for our feet or have stuffed cloth into shoes which are a tad too big, to make them fit. But, that leads to calluses, bunions, corns, and immense discomfort. So in this week’s blog, we’ll tell you how you can pick up the perfect pair of shoes so that you can put your best foot forward, each and every time!

1) Measure Your Feet
This is the basic-most step that most people tend to miss when they are buying shoes online or otherwise. Get your feet measured before you pick up a pair or trace your feet on a piece of paper and carry it with you. Place any shoe that you want to buy and if the tracing is smaller or narrower, then you better keep those shoes aside.

2) Stand While  You Are Getting Your Feet Measured
Our feet expand as we stand due to our weight. And since we spend a lot of time standing on our feet, it is advised to stand to find a pair of comfortable shoes which will not be uncomfortable when you are running around the whole day!

3) Get BOTH Your Feet Measured
Yes, your work isn’t done as soon as you measure one of your feet. Why you ask? This is because, often, your feet could be of different sizes. Your left one could be a size smaller or larger than your right one. So, make sure to get them both measured.

4) Shop In The Afternoon
This isn’t a superstition! There’s a logic this. Did you know that your feet expand as the day progresses? And they are at their biggest size during afternoons and early evenings. So, shop for shoes during this time so that you don’t end up with a pair that’s smaller for you.

5) Walk Around
Never miss walking around in your new pair right at the store itself. Make sure that they do not pinch your feet or slip off while you are walking, and that there’s enough room for the balls of your feet and heel.

Keep these tips in mind while shopping for shoes for men and women because when it comes to footwear, comfort should be your first priority. If you are looking for shoes which are stylish, comfortable, and are light on your pocket as well, then check out Paragon’s latest range for men and women!