We put a lot of strain on our feet every day and we don’t realize it. And after putting our feet through so much, the least that we can do is cater to them with some love and care!  Going to the salon to get a pedicure and give your feet a much-needed spa session is super time-consuming! We often procrastinate these pedicure sessions as we are busy, tired, or the salon is just too far. But, what if we tell you that you can pamper your feet right at the comfort of your home and that too without spending as much? Astonished? Well. Read on, and we’ll give you some excellent tips for your feet  which can save you a lot of time, effort and money as well!

1) De-tan At Home!

Shoes can often tan our skin badly and this can look bad, especially when we want to flaunt our feet in open shoes. Removing shoe tan from your feet is easy and simple! Exfoliate your feet with an amazing scrub that is made of lemon and sugar. Squeeze in a fresh lemon and add a teaspoon of sugar into this and scrub your feet with this daily. The de-tanning properties of lemon mixed with the exfoliating properties of sugar can remove your tan and give you smooth and glowing legs in a few days!

 2) Clean Your Feet The Right Way

If you feel that your feet need cleaning, then here’s how you can do it. Fill in a bucket (flat-bottomed) with some warm water and add a bit of your favourite shower gel. Lather up, and soak your feet in this water for a good 30 mins. You can also add in a few drops of lemon to add freshness and remove tan, too. Once this is done, gently scrub your feet with a pumice stone and your in-house feet cleaning is done!

 3) Pack A Punch With A Foot Pack!

Your feet need some moisturizing, too! If you have dry skin, then make a foot pack with some banana, honey and lemon and apply this on your feet with a brush. Let it stay for a good half an hour before washing it off.

 4) Soak It Up With A Foot Soak

A foot soak is the easiest way to relax your feet. Just add Epsom salts to some lukewarm water in a bucket and relax while you soak your feet in this!

Stay at home and give your feet a DIY pampering for them to look stunning! And if you want to give them something for them to remain beautiful, then shop for footwear from Paragon ‘s latest collection!