Your feet is a sophisticated structure that has evolved over time to walk over different terrains. However, most of us enjoy a lifestyle where we don't have much direct interaction with the ground. Either it's paved, turfed or cobbled or we always have some sort of footwear to protect our soles.

This results in flat feet for many of us. Those who engage in sports regularly, especially running typically suffer from plantar fasciitis and tight Achilles tendons. Many high-heel wearers have to contend with tarsal tunnel syndrome and bunions. And finally, those who regularly wear tight shoes can look forward to hammertoes. In other words, wearing the wrong shoes can lead to more injuries than wearing no shoes at all.

How to choose the proper shoe?

Here are our top seven tips for choosing the right shoe for your feet:

  1. Have your feet measured before you buy a pair of shoes since your feet change as you grow older - getting both longer and wider.
  2. Buy the correct size irrespective of the size mentioned on the shoe. Different brands offer different sizes and therefore always ensure you buy according to your feet’s measurements and not the size of the shoe.
  3. Don’t buy tight shoes with stiff uppers and hard soles thinking that you can break into them over time. Instead, choose shoes with soft uppers and flexible soles.
  4. Ensure your shoes provide optimum arch support.
  5. Check to see if there’s at least half an inch of space between your big toe and the end of the shoe. You’ll press forward as you walk and therefore need this space.
  6. Make sure that there’s enough space to accommodate the balls of your feet too. Your shoes should neither be too tight nor slip off easily.
  7. Buy shoes for the right occasion - dress shoes for parties and events, casual shoes for everyday use, trekking shoes for outdoorsy activities, sports shoes for athletic pursuits, etc. These have been designed to suit the demands and the environment of each occasion.

And finally, don't forget to walk around barefoot every now and then. Now, head over to the Paragon site and start browsing the broad range of footwear that has been designed keeping both comfort and safety in mind.