Isn't it awful when you purchase a gorgeous pair of shoes but can't wear it often because of all the blisters it gives you? Thankfully, this can be avoided with a few tips.

 How do blisters form in the first place?

A blister starts out as red, irritated skin that gradually evolves into something that looks like a small pocket of clear fluid under a layer of skin.  Blisters usually form due to friction caused by tight shoes or uncomfortable shoe material. They're often called friction blisters and can appear on the toes, topline or areas exposed to tight straps.

 How can blisters be prevented?

The best solution is to buy shoes that are of the proper size. In the same way, choose shoes in supple leather over canvas, rough fabrics, abrasive synthetic materials, and hard leather. However, if you do buy shoes that turn out to be tight and uncomfortable, break them in by wearing them with thick socks for a few hours.

Apart from these tips, dust your shoes with talcum powder if your feet sweat a lot. In addition, apply coconut oil or vaseline so that the shoes glide over your feet easily.

 How can blisters be treated?

Apply a band-aid as soon as you see a blister forming to avoid further friction on that area. Also, stop wearing the shoes that caused the blister until it is healed. Don’t be alarmed if the blister taken on a bubble-like appearance and fills with fluid. Usually, new skin forms underneath the affected area and the fluid gets absorbed by the skin. However, if a blister swells up painfully, puncture it with a sterilized needle. If there is pus and inflammation, try seeking medical attention. In such cases, the infected blister is treated with antibiotic ointments.

We hope you found the above tips useful. And finally, don't forget to buy comfortable shoes to reduce your chances of suffering from blistered feet in the future. We suggest you go through the broad range of Paragon footwear on our site  right away!