Are your favourite pair of sneakers staying hidden in your house just because you got a small stain on them? Or did a fun night out in your brand new pair reduce them to ashes? Fret not! Because we are here to give you some life-changing hacks for your sneakers. Right from stain care to storage, know how to keep your sneakers squeaky clean!

 Toothpaste For Total Cleaning:

Sneakers are devious when it comes to stains. The damage tends to get worse and the stain tends to get more stubborn with each passing day, and, no matter how much you seem to scrub them with a detergent, they just seem to stay put. That is when you can reach out to your toothpaste! And no, we aren’t kidding. Here’s how you can remove stubborn stains using this household hack.

 Start by wiping the dirt off the shoes with a clean, new toothbrush. Once that is done, squeeze a generous amount of your toothpaste onto the brush and start scrubbing, & then wipe off with a wet cloth.

Ta-da! Say hello to your brand new sneakers!

 Bid Goodbye With Baking Soda:

Baking soda, apart from helping you in the kitchen, can remove the stench from smelly shoes. So, in case you have a pair of smelly shoes and don’t have enough time to wash and clean them, just sprinkle a little bit of this magic powder on them and let them dry.

 Nail Enamel For New Shoes:

Scratches on brand new shoes stand out and if you, unfortunately, get some on your favourite pair, then you can always turn to nail polishes for a quick fix. Just cover up the scratch with a little bit of nail enamel of the same colour, and you are good to go!

 Think Inside The Box:

Sneakers and humidity do not make a good combination and this is where the original boxes you got your sneakers in come into the picture. Store the shoes in these boxes as the cardboard tends to absorb the moisture and can keep them fresher for longer.

 Follow these hacks to give your sneakers a second life! After all, they are the rage this season.