Maybe you spend all day lounging in gym clothes or working in a stuffy suit; no matter what your sartorial choices are, when it comes to footwear we’re willing to bet you have a pair of go-to sneakers that you love.

Sneakers speak to the comfort loving creatures that we are – they give you just the right mix of comfort, style and functionality. They can be paired with a semi-formal outfit just as much as they can jazz up your basic jeans and t-shirt.

In case you haven’t jumped on the sneaker bandwagon already, or if you only wear it with ‘safe’ regular clothes, we have some fab new styling tips to help you pair those sneakers right!

  1. 1.       The Basic but Classic Pair

You know this one. Chances are you’re wearing it right now. These are the basic Converse or canvas type of sneakers. The good news: they can be worn with anything casual. A fun graphic t-shirt with denims, shorts or chinos are the perfect outfit for these sneakers. Word of caution: these are more suited to younger men and cannot always be pulled off in a semi-formal setting.

  1. 2.       Sports Sneakers

These bad boys are supremely comfortable what with the extra cushioning and lift it gives you. Go for a stylish sporty look when you wear these: well-fitting shorts, a sports tee and sunglasses will be just right.

  1. 3.       The Grown-Up Luxury Sneakers

This one’s for the older boys. Once you start earning more moolah at work, it’s time to up your style game too. Invest in a solid pair of high-end sneakers. You’ll be able to tell the difference immediately because they are well cut, look refined and come in more luxurious materials (unlike canvas). These will look killer when paired with dark slim fit denims or tailored trousers, a crisp shirt and a well-cut blazer to elevate the look.

Buy a pair of each kind and cover all your bases! You can check out Paragon’s casual shoe collection for inspiration – they’re comfy, affordable and on trend.