Flip flops have become synonymous with relaxing beach holidays. In fact, we bet you'd feel a bit unprepared if you packed for a weekend getaway and didn't include a pair of comfortable flip flops in your duffel bag. So here are our top picks from the Paragon Stimulus for you and your loved ones!


Flip flops are man’s best friend when it comes to beach holidays. You can wear it to the beach or walk around the surrounding areas clad in casual T-shirts, shorts, and flip flops all day long. No matter what kind of aesthetics you have, we have you covered.

1) Contrast color flip flops

flip flops for women

Yellow Flip Flops for Men

navy blue flip flops for men

Men's Navy Blue Flip Flops

If you like keeping things simple, but still want a splash of color, opt for contrast color flip flops. 

2) Textured footbed flip flops


Green flip flop slippers for Men


Red Flip Flops for Men

Want to get a foot massage and improve your blood circulation while walking around town? Then these babies are for you!

3) Sporty flip flops 

blue flip flops for men

Blue Flip Flops for Men

yellow slipper for men

Yellow Sporty Flip Flops for Men

Who says you can’t be sporty in flip flops? Rep your favorite team while you’re on holiday with these pairs!

4) Printed footbed flip flops

printed flip flops for men

Printed Flip Flops for Men


Printed Blue Flip Flops

There’s no denying prints are fun. Get yourself a colorful printed pair and amp up your vacation wardrobe!


Ladies, don’t relegate your flip flops to the hotel room! Wear it around town, splash around in the ocean with it and even head out at night in it!

1) Contrast color flip flops 

flip flops for women

Flip flops for Women

orange flip flops for women

Orange Flip flops for Women

Want to loosen up and have fun? Then definitely get yourself contrast color flip flops in vibrant shades!

 2) Pink flip flops and sandals 

women pink flip flops

Pink Flip Flops for Women


Pink Sandals for Women

Are you the super feminine types who loves her pinks? Well, we have something for you too! Flip flops and sandals have never looked this pretty before!

3) Printed flip flops 

printed flip flops for women

Printed Flip Flops for Women

Yellow printed flip flops for women

Yellow Printed Flip Flops for Women

Slightly elevated heels to offer support, dainty prints, vibrant colors, embellished straps - it’s all there in these gorgeous printed flip flops.


kids flip flops

Dragon Printed Kids Flip Flops

yellow slipper for kids

Yellow Flip flops for Kids

If your little one is coming along for the holiday, make sure he has just as much fun dressing up by buying him a pair of fun colorful flip flops with dragon and octopus prints on the footbed too!

To check out more sandals and flip flops for both men and women, check out the Paragon Stimulus collection on the site https://www.paragonfootwear.com/