If you are someone who tries to lead an active lifestyle, your workout routine could involve running, hitting the gym or walking. No matter what the activity is, the one thing they all require is a good sports shoe.

Choosing a good pair of sports shoes is crucial to your workout because the right footwear can make life easier. Since you’re on your feet a lot, badly fitting or improper workout shoes can lead to injuries. It is common to get corns, ankle sprains or even fractures when running or jogging. Wearing the right footwear is the first level of protection against foot injuries and reducing leg pain.

What is the right footwear?

First, the type of shoes you need depends on the type of activity you do most often. If it is running or jogging, then specifically choose flexible running shoes that cushion your feet. If you are more of a gym person, then training shoes offer the support and structure you require.

Lightweight shoes vs regular shoes

Now that you have chosen the type of shoes that correspond with your favorite activity, the next deciding factor in buying the right pair is the weight. The weight of your shoes plays a big role in impacting your performance, especially if you are a runner. The more lightweight the shoes are, the quicker your running time is. It helps you make quick direction changes smoothly and can reduce fatigue and muscle strain. This is why professional runners and athletes place a lot of importance on wearing the most lightweight running shoes.

If you aren’t convinced, try running a kilometer in regular sports shoes and then repeat the same route wearing significantly more lightweight shoes. Time yourself and see how you feel at the end of each round. Lightweight shoes that weigh as low as 5.5 ounces really boost performance and you will find your recovery time is quicker as well.

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