The right clothes can look less than awesome if you pair it with the wrong accessories. Since shoes are essential to completing a look, it’s important to keep these three shoe styling tips in mind whenever you don a pair:

Rule 1

Always wear appropriate shoes

Most men think that one pair of black formal shoes and a pair of sneakers can complement all the clothes in their wardrobe. The more imaginative ones opt for a pair of sandals to go with their ethnic wear, but that’s about it. Therefore, it’s high time you started thinking of shoes as extensions of your whole look and put as much effort into them as you would into your clothes. Here are a few basic pairs that every man should own:

Rule 2

Don’t wear flip-flops and floaters to formal places

Many men don’t think twice before slipping into a pair of floaters of flip-flops when they dress for office on Fridays! This is a major faux pas. Flip-flops should be work only at home or on vacations. In the same way, floaters are fine for casual outings in the rain(or in any terrain that calls for it) but refrain from using them in any indoor setting since they’ll make you look underdressed. Preferably, opt for leather sandals.

Rule 3

Always have a classy loafer on hand

It’s true that loafers are most suitable for casual wear. However, a pair of leather loafers can be worn even with formals. Therefore, keep one handy for days when you want to take a break from your formal black shoes. They’re also an excellent alternative for days when you know you’re going to be on the road for work. They’re sturdier than most formal leather shoes and will still look great when you arrive at your destination.

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