An ensemble is never complete without the right accessories, and belts have a crucial role to play here. Belts have been around for a long time. Historically men used belts to do more than just support clothes at the waist. Instead, they were a symbol of status and wealth. Even today people are sensitive to the impression they make with their clothing choices and therefore belts are still chosen with care.

Belts for men

When it comes to menswear, we can't think of a single formal or semi-formal look that doesn't include belts. Be it leather belts in black and tan or canvas belts in a broad range of colors, a man just looks better dressed with the proper belts.

Nowadays, most men usually have two or three black belts in their wardrobe. But it's preferable to have a few in brown too. Luckily for you, we have a selection of belts for Rs 699 at Paragon.

1) Formal belts

Formal belt black

Formal Belt black

formal belts brown

Formal Belt Brown

These belts in black and coffee brown respectively, suit most formal wear. Therefore add them to your workwear staples and get shoes to match.

2) Casual belts

Casual Belt

Casual belt

Casual belt

Casual Belt

Add one or two brown leather belts to your wardrobe. They suit most casual clothing items like jeans and chinos, making them excellent additions to your casual, weekend and travel clothes.

3) Dressed up belts

Dressed up belts

Dressed up Belts

Your wardrobe needs at least one sexy belt to go with your party clothes. This dark brown leather belt with the stitch detailing will fill that slot perfectly. 

All the belts featured above are made from harness leather.

Belts for women

Belts perform an important role in womenswear too. You may barely notice it because women's belts fit seamlessly into their clothing designs in the form of belt sashes, tasseled belts, wrap-around belts, etc. However, even the most feminine woman is bound to have at least one unisex utilitarian belt (like the one shown below) in her wardrobe to keep her jeans or trousers from slipping down much.

Now that you know the importance of owning more than one belt, head to our site to shop for men's belts and women’s belts online.