Don’t let uncomfortable shoes get in the way of keeping your feet happy and healthy. Blisters, bad posture, poor alignment - these are all some common problems that could have been avoided by just choosing the right pair of shoes.

Let’s look at the top 3 reasons why we absolutely can’t compromise on comfort for fashion with our shoes.

        1.     Keeps away aches and pains

Comfortable shoes not only keep your feet happy but also help you with back issues. Studies reveal that nearly 85 per cent of the population suffer from foot-related problems. One of the major causes includes improper footwear and walking on hard surfaces for a long period of time. Hence we should always keep a lookout for shoes that fit well and come with sufficient padding (especially if we are going for daily wear shoes).

        2.       Corrects  body alignment

We should also look at shoes that have plenty of arch support which in turn helps your body with alignment. Your feet are the base of your body and if your feet hurt, your whole body is bound to hurt. Correctly aligned shoes help in evenly distributing your body weight. This relieves your body of pain and pressure. 

       3.       Form of alternative treatment

Comfortable shoes and proper arch support can act as a form of alternative treatment for injuries of the ankles, knees or hips. Simply replacing the shoes inserts of your old one for an orthopedic insole can be a quick fix.

Now that you know the importance of the right footwear, you should check out Paragon Footwear’s collection of comfortable, stylish and durable shoes.