Any man who wears pants owns at least one belt. But belts for men cannot be summarized as just a snaky piece of leather (or faux for that matter) used for cinching cloth. It does much more than just holding your pants in place and makes for an indispensable and integral part of a man’s attire.

When it comes to formal belts for men, here a few things you might want to know for better results:

  • If you have pants with belt loops, you must wear a belt, otherwise such pants look incomplete and devoid of character.
  • If you are tucking in your shirts, especially with a suit, jacket, or blazer, you must wear a belt.
  • Formal belts for men are usually subtle. Always opt for solid colours like black, tan, brown, etc. and understated patterns.
  • Always match your leathers (shoes and belts) and metals (cufflinks and belt buckle). For instance, if you are wearing tan shoes, opt for a tan belt. And if your belt buckle is golden or brass tone, then your cufflinks or other accessories (like bracelets, etc.) should be of the same tone.

That is why a man always needs this versatile accessory in threes- black, brown, and tan (any tint)

Explore our finest collection of leather belts for men, and find your perfect trio.

Brown belt with stitches

While you can always opt for a simple, solid brown belt, this particular one with visible stitches adds an edge to the belt. The traditional dark brown colour works best with trousers in beige, biscuit, or fawn.

Black patterned belt

The classic black belt gets a modern makeover with a patterned surface on the exterior. Pair it with anything except brown pants. 

Dark tan belt

This formal belt in dark tan adds a rich look to your formal attire for business meetings, special events, or party occasions. Pair it with beige, cream, white, or navy trousers or suits. 

As trivial it might look, the right kind of belt, paired with the right attire can do wonders to your overall presence, image, vibes, or anything that you need to make an impression. It brings your entire outfit together and adds character to your clothes.