Flip flops are a very useful variety of footwear. They provide phenomenal comfort when worn at the beach, by the pool or at home, and they are so easy to wear, that people simply begin to opt out of wearing any other sort of footwear thereafter. But it is essential to find the best men's flip flops because they not only provide necessary arch support but can also offer the best of ultra comfortable footwear and exceptional walking experiences. When it comes to flip flops for men the debate about its place in trendy footwear has always raged, but there's no denying that they are useful when you need something to put on quickly. The general opinion is that flip flops aren't as durable as sandals and can't be worn outdoors. But when you shop from Paragon's mammoth collection of flip flops online, you are privy to not just the trendiest designs, but also highly durable footwear made from the most comfortable materials. Listed below are some of the top flip flop styles that we have in store for you.

 Red Vertex Flip Flops

 You're guaranteed to be enticed by this pair of red casual flip flops from Paragon's Vertex collection. These flip flops feature a thong strap for added comfort. These snazzy flip flops also come in brown. Grab a pair, today!

 Black and Grey Stimulus Flip Flops

 Ideal for wearing at home, to protect your feet from getting soiled and dusty, these black and grey flip flops from Paragon's Stimulus collection are made from materials that aren't just durable but also extremely comfortable. Get your pair, this very instant.

 Blue Stimulus Flip Flops

 These trendy Stimulus flip flops featuring ritzy plaid prints on the sole and dual colored layering also come with thong straps that provide improved grip and comfort. This pair also comes in green. Purchase your pair, now!

 Blue and Black Stimulus Flip Flops

 These colorful flip flops from Paragon's Stimulus collection are equipped with a foot stimulating sole and come in three different color combos - black and blue, grey and red as well as red and grey. You can snap up all three variants and match them as per the outfit you're wearing. Buy them at unbelievable affordable prices, now!