When it comes to formal shoes for men, a pair of clean shoes speak volumes about your lifestyle habits. Besides making your shoes look brand new every time, cleanliness also adds to their durability. Since these shoes are widely used for work, formal events, special occasions, meetings, and more, men’s formal shoes go through quite a lot of wear and tear. More so for formal leather shoes which need an extra dose of care and maintenance for a longer lifespan.

Tips to keep your shoes clean

  • The first step to keeping your formal shoes in shape is to keep it away from direct sunlight, heat, or water. Too much heat or too much moisture can make the fabric wrinkle out.
  • To clean formal leather shoes for men, always run a dry cloth or a brush to clean the loose dust and grime from the shoe surface.
  • To remove stains, mix white vinegar and water (2:1) in a bowl and dip a small piece of cloth. Dab on the stains (don’t rub) to remove the stain.
  • For shoes with laces, always take the laces off before you start cleaning the shoe. Wash the laces separately using a mild soap and don’t forget to change the worn out laces at regular intervals


  • When polishing shoes with visible stitches, make sure to use a transparent polish or the cream sticks to the white thread giving it an unpleasant look.


  • When buying tinted shoe polish for brown or tan shoes, always get the closest possible shade to avoid patchiness.


  • Looking for that brand-new shine? Make a DIY leather conditioner by mixing one part white vinegar to two-part linseed oil. Apply on the shoes using a soft cloth, leave on for 10-15 minutes and buff off with a dry cloth.
  • Got a bad grease stuck to your shoe? Dust a little baking soda or cornstarch on the grease, leave on for a few minutes or if the grease is thick, leave it overnight. Then wipe it off with a clean, dry cloth. Run a dry brush to make the shoe shine.