Has it happened to you that you found the perfect pair of shoes and suddenly realized after wearing them that they are nothing but painful and uncomfortable? Maybe the mistake that you are doing is while shopping for shoes. Apart from picking the ones which are a size too small or a size too big for you, there are some common mistakes you could be making while shopping, and this can lead to them lying unused in our cupboards, collecting dust.

But, worry not! We are here to tell you how you can avoid these mistakes and buy the perfect pair of shoes to have the world under your feet, always!

1.Always Walk Before You Talk! 

Trying on the shoes before you rush to the counter to purchase them is a must. And when we say try, we mean walk. Taking a few tiny steps around the shop is not enough to tell you whether the shoes will be comfortable or not, so, try them on and take a good long walk. If they seem perfect, then they should be yours!

2.Material Matters!

The material used to make your shoe matters a lot if you want them to fit you perfectly. Some shoes made of synthetic materials can make you sweat more than usual, thus making them uncomfortable and stinky.

The solution for this is to always buy quality footwear!

3.Find The Perfect Time

Did you know that the size of our feet changes throughout the day? Your feet can actually be different sizes at different time of the day. Our feet expand during the day, and it is best to shop for shoes at night or the  late evening because that is when they are the largest. Also, make sure that you try your shoes while you are standing because our feet can also expand under the weight of our body.

4.Right Shoes For The Right Occasion!

Always keep the occasion in mind. If you know that you’ll be walking around a lot, then it is better to stick to comfortable flats than 6-inch heels or shoes with pointed toes.

 It can be a horrible experience to spend a lot of money on shoes only to realize that they are painful. But, if you are looking for shoes which are stylish and comfortable at the same time, then try Paragon ’s latest collection!