It is the season of festivities! Diwali is right around the corner and we are all looking and racking our brains to find that perfect gift for our family and friends. But, what can be given to your loved ones which they don’t already have? Or which they’ll love and can use every day? The answer is - shoes! Yes, shoes can make a perfect gift for everyone this Diwali and we’ll tell you how you can pick up a pair of lovely looking shoes for everyone you care for!
Shoes are practical gifts which will not burn a hole in your body, will be useful for the person you’ll be gifting, and most importantly, they are an absolute necessity this season everyone is putting their best foot forward! Read on, and we’ll tell you what kind of shoes you can gift this festive season.

1) Smart Leather Shoes for Men
If you are thinking footwear gifts for Diwali, then leather shoes have to be your first option! A pair of shoes made from genuine leather is not only an investment but will also become a favourite in your friends’ wardrobe. Leather shoes make good dress shoes or can be worn with a pair of stylish jeans, too. So, pick a pair to gift right now!

2) Sandals for Women
All the women are now busy picking a bright and sparkling new outfit for Diwali. So, gifting a pair of sandals for women is an amazing idea. Choose a pair which goes well with their dress! Sandals in beige, or silver with sequins or gold are just perfect for this festive season!

3) Sneakers for the Kids
All the kids on the block are sporting sneakers this season. Which is why sneakers will make good footwear gifts for him/her. Women’s sneakers are also a rage right now. Solid whites and blacks are trending this season, and you can pick one in the right size for a good present.

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