Come monsoon and we all get ready to slip into shoes which are waterproof. But, does that mean that you’ll have to let go of style? Nah. This monsoon, we’ll tell you how you can keep your feet happy but without having to compromise on style!
Monsoon footwear has to be durable and that being said, you all will have to bid goodbye to your favourite sneakers as they tend to absorb water, making your feet wet and soggy and….need we say more? But, there are numerous waterproof footwear options that you can choose from. So, read on and find out which monsoon slippers you should go for to brighten up the dull and gloomy rainy days!

1) The Good Old Flip Flops!
We know they are your favourite kind of footwear and now you have an excuse to wear them everywhere. Shop for flip-flops in a wide range of colours and you can pair them up with all of your outfits. Flip flops, especially the ones made of rubber and/or plastic, repel water and, thereby, will keep your feet dry. And even if you do happen to step into a puddle, worry not, because thanks to their open structure, you can dry your feet up in minutes!
Go ahead and add these beauties to your monsoon footwear collection now!

2) Strapped Sandals
Strapped sandals make for a great choice during the dark and rainy days as these are comfortable, look great with any kind of attire, and are also easily available. Pick a pair of strapped monsoon sandals for daily wear and you are good to go even when it is not raining! There are a lot of these sandals available online too, so make sure that you look for these monsoon footwear online.

3) Heels
Ladies, now is your time to take out all those platforms and heeled shoes! Walking on watery roads can leave dirty stains on your clothes which is a big no-no. So, if you want to avoid that, then heels are your best option. Since pointy heels aren’t the most comfortable things on earth, go for wedges or platforms which will save you from all the stains on your clothes.

4) Rubber-soled Sandals For Men
Rubber-soled sandals are perfect for guys who do not want damp and dripping shoes in the monsoon. They will give you a good grip while you are braving the roads in the rain, and will also not sponge up water, giving you immense comfort.

This monsoon, keep your footwear woes at home and step out in style with Paragon ’s latest collection of footwear which will be both easy on your wallet and will look fabulous on your feet!