We often go out of our way to keep our face and skin moisturized, especially during winters. But, did you ever think of moisturizing your feet, too? It is as important as moisturizing your skin, as dry feet can lead to cracked heels, forming of bacteria, and infections. Regular pedicures aside, we’ll tell you how you can keep your heels soft and supple, and the A-to-Z of foot care at home.

 For Happy Feet!

Just the way a face scrub does wonders to your skin, a foot scrub is a boon for your feet! Indulge in a soothing foot massage with a foot scrub that you can easily make at home. Coffee, sugar, salt are some of the easily available kitchen ingredients which can be used to make a foot scrub and help you if you have dry feet.

 Use A Foot Cream:

Include  a daily moisturizing routine for your feet as well. A foot cream shows excellent results when applied regularly to your feet and can make your feet soft and supple, making it easy for you to flaunt those shoes that you’ve been holding back from wearing!

 Pumice Perfection!

Do you often notice dirt and hardened skin on your feet? Calluses and corns are usually caused due to the wrong kind of footwear. Using a pumice stone gently scrubs away the dirt and softens the skin on one's feet.

 Sock It Up!

Make sure you wear socks as often as possible. This tip has multiple benefits as socks can be turned into a fun fashion statement, and also, they save your feet from bacteria and dirt.

Once you apply a foot cream or lotion, cover your feet with socks and leave them overnight for beautiful and soft heels in the morning!

 With Foot Soaks, Happy Feet Are Just A Few Feet Away!

Foot soaks have become popular in recent times because of the myriad of amazing benefits that they have to offer. Soaking your feet in a tub of warm water filled with natural Epsom salts is not only a good way to relax, but is also extremely nourishing for your feet. Fill a small tub with warm water, add the essential oil or an Epsom salt of your choice, and get ready to own heavenly heels!

 The most important thing that you can do if you want soft and moisturized feet is wearing comfortable shoes. For stylish, affordable, and comfortable shoes, check out Paragon ’s latest range of footwear!