Whether it’s your boy friend, your brother, or a really good friend, if he is mad about footwear, then there nothing better (and easier!) than gifting him some really cool shoes. There’s a lot of stigma, especially in India, about gifting footwear to your loved ones. But, today’s generation does not believe in any of that. So, if you are confused about buying the best shoes, keep those superstitions aside and read on to know what kind of shoes are you need to shop for any guy and why!

1) Leather Shoes For The Gentleman
One good pair of leather shoes are absolutely required in every man’s wardrobe and all the people reading this will agree with that. Leather shoes are extremely classy and make great formal or dress shoes. Also, they are known to be an excellent investment option. So, invest in a good pair or classic leather shoes and see the look of excitement on his face.

2) Loafers For The Urbane Man
Loafers make for versatile footwear as they can be worn with practically anything in a man’s wardrobe, and they look absolutely ravishing with bare  minimal effort! Look for a good pair of loafers for your man which he can pair up with his button-down shirts or even with a good blazer.

3) Sneaker For The Fun-loving Fellow
Well, a man can never say no to sneakers! A stylish pair of sneakers in his favourite colours or sneakers in solid black or white are a rage right now in the fashion circuit. Sneakers are easy on your pocket, are practical to wear, and will give the person a very casual yet stylish look. So, go on, shop for those trendy twos right now.

4) Flip Flops For The Dude
Gift shoes which he will love wearing everywhere! Flip flops are extraordinarily comfortable and can be worn on a daily basis. And what more, they give you a lot of options to choose from and are the perfect budget gifts if you are looking for something that’s light on your pocket.  
These could also be great gifts for girls as well, as everyone just loooves flip flops!

5) Formal Shoes For The Corporate Man
If he is a someone who works in a corporate setting, then he’ll definitely be needing some formal shoes for all those meetings. Pick up a pair of black or tan-brown formal shoes which can go with all of his office wear and watch while it completes his look.

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