It’s that time of the season when you have to refresh your wardrobe and stock it up with the latest fall trends of this year. Footwear is an integral part of the fall fashion scene, and in this week’s post, we’ll tell everything you need to know about the runway trends in footwear for Fall 2018.

Read on to know how to step up in style and set the tone for the approaching season!

1.Flip Flops

Yes, we know you are excited about this trend. Flip flops are something that all of love. They look uber cute on our feet, are available in a thousand different styles, and most importantly, they are comfortable as hell. For fall this year, stock up on as many pairs of flip flops as you want which are bright and nature-inspired. Flowers patterned ones, or the ones in natural colour tones are your best bet to keep it casual. You can also get some amazing flip flops online, too. So, keep your eyes open!

2. Slip-ons & Sandals

Don’t be surprised! These everyday essentials can turn your fall wardrobe just a tad more interesting if you know what exactly you should be buying. Look out for sandals which are in the hues of greens, oranges, and reds to add in that touch of glamour.

Elements such as pretty flowers and other details are also a good option for the pretty ladies out there. There are a lot of options for such sandals online, so check them out now!

3. Shoes & Sneakers

Style in today's world is slowly changing to what’s more comfortable. And when you are talking about comfort and footwear, we cannot forget sneakers. Sneakers are being churned out in styles which we would have never thought of previously. This season, shop for shoes online which are popular on the runway like solid white or solid black ones.

Shoes which are patterned are also a great option for men who want to carry off a casual look.

Style is important for you to rock any look, but, make sure that you are comfortable too while shopping for slippers online, or any kind of footwear, for that matter. Check out Paragon ’s latest footwear collection for men and women for footwear that is crazy stylish and comfortable at the same time!