Shopping for children can be a tricky affair, especially when it comes to shoes. While most adults enjoy the entire experience of shopping for new products, it is the other way round for kids, especially shoes. But since they tend to outgrow them fast, it is essential to pay more attention when shopping for kids’ footwear. Badly fitting footwear can not only cause discomfort to your little one but also pose serious health concerns and affect them emotionally.

Smart shopping for shoes for children

First of all, it is better to go to a store which specializes in kids’ shoes. Apart from an exclusive collection for children, you can also expect a child-friendly staff to deal with.

Always go shoe shopping later in the day, when your child’s feet are usually a little expanded from the day’s activity. It helps to assess the right fit.

It is more prudent to go for economical options when shoes for children since they grow fast and won’t use them as much as adults do.

Get your child’s feet measured when at the store. When buying shoes online, take measurements for both feet and pick shoes that fit the larger one.

Always check for half an inch of space between your child’s big toe and the inside edge of the shoe.

Avoid buying heeled shoes for children and opt for flat or even soles. Heels tend to put pressure on the tender bones and muscles and hinder foot development.

Never buy too large shoes considering the long run or too small. Bigger shoes don’t keep the feet snug and can cause them to trip. Similarly, smaller shoes can cause pain and blisters.

When buying school shoes for kids, ensure that they have enough cushioning around the ankle and sole, since they will be wearing these all through the day. 

Look for easy fastening systems like Velcro or easy-to-tie laces and soles that are sturdy and have better grip. 

Fabrics like canvas or leather are hypoallergenic and prevent blisters or sweat, keeping your child’s feet healthy.

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