Has it ever happened to you that you went shopping for shoes, found a pair that is JUST right for you in every aspect, and wore it once just to find out that it is damaged? Often, it is difficult for us to determine the quality of shoes and we end up spending a bomb on these substandard products. But, worry not, because we are here to tell you all how to determine the quality of a shoe in a few easy steps! Read on, and never be cheated again!

1) Rub The Fabric
If you are looking for shoes which are dyed, especially sneakers or sports shoes, rub the fabric to check for quality shoes. Fabric that bleeds colour or fades or gets mixed into another colour is poor in quality and you need to dump them right there, on the spot!

2) Check The Leather
Leather is one material which is most-often duplicated. So, if you want to purchase a pair of good quality leather shoes, then check the quality of the leather by placing a drop of water on its surface. Real leather absorbs moisture in only a few seconds. If the leather is fake, then you will see that the water will not get absorbed. Durable leather shoes for men will have creases and wrinkles if it is made from real animal hide.

3) Touch & Hold
Many a time, casual shoes and formal shoes are glued to the sole. In that case, take a closer look at the sole to see how it is bound to the shoe. If you see any glue, then it means that the shoe is of bad quality and will damage easily.

4) Look At The Stitches
If you are buying shoes for your little one, then make sure that the stitches on kids school shoes or casual shoes are sturdy. You can also bend and check them to see if they are durable.

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