Soak in the Monsoon Magic Every Step of the Way

The sky is lined with shades of grey, the wind heralds good news of rain, and the earth waits in blissful anticipation for the drops of life - every monsoon season is a stunning drama of the forces and elements of nature. As the calendars celebrate the yearly show and puddles grow and rivulets form on the streets, your footwear game may be dampened but take heart, for Paragon Paralite’s men’s flip flops online are here to the rescue.

 Best of Two Worlds

Come rain or shine and no matter the occasion, these brown semi-formal men’s slippers online are sure to put a spring in your every step as you head out. Thoughtfully designed with EVA soles and a PVC outer for water resistance and durability, this pair will hold you in good stead as you make your way. The brown finish will go well with lighter neutral palettes and you can wear these with ethnic ensembles as well for stylish comfort.

Colour it Bright

Beat the gloom in the vibrant company of these flip-flop slippers for men that have a cool and trendy vibe. The subtle pops of colour are sure to stand out while the thong straps feel good on your feet. Team these with jeans or casual shorts as you go out for a quick errand before the clouds burst or wear them to a pool party or a backyard barbecue that will see some wild fun.

Think Light

The key to an enjoyable outdoor experience, especially when it pours, is a pair of lightweight flip-flops for men that will be easy to wear and care for. Browse through our extensive collection and choose the ones that will not only complement your wardrobe but be perfect for any activity, from a laid-back home brunch to a glee-filled soak in the showers.

Look to the Classics 

Every traditional shoe rack will have a dedicated space for the likes of these men’s flip-flop slippers online that have passed many a test of durability and strength. Own a pair yourself and go splish splash confidently as the skies open generously.