Indian monsoons mean a lot of things to different people. It brings respite from the harsh sunny days, it makes it hard for you to wake up from your bed every morning, and makes you enjoy your hot beverages more! But, what it also does is increase infections, germs, bacteria, and can lead to smelly and dirty feet. Getting drenched in the rain during monsoon is inevitable, but you can prevent the damage that this can cause you by owning these monsoon essentials. Read on to know how you can stay safe this monsoon: 

1) Dress For Monsoons:

If you want to look great and at the same time stay dry this rainy season, then place your bets on capris or half pants. These are as comfortable as they are good looking and they can dry quickly, which means that you are safe and away from catching a cold even if you happen to get caught in the rain. Women can sport these capris with crop tops or even T-shirts while men can pair them up with anything from casual shirts to T-shirts for an uber-casual look.
While you are shopping for capris, look for ones made with a light-weight material and avoid denim capris as they take ages to dry if they get wet. 

2) It’s Time To Get Out The Gumboots!

Gumboots, rubber slippers and shoes are the perfect footwear for this season. These do not absorb any moisture from your surroundings and can keep your feet dry and germ-free during those long, dark, and wet days. You can also buy a pair of rubber-based flip flops as they can give you a very casual look and can also keep your feet happy! 

3) Pack That Raincoat!

An absolute must-have during monsoons, raincoats can save you a lot of trouble during monsoons. Keep a raincoat that whenever you step out so that you stay safe as soon as it starts to shower. 

4) Waterproof Your Essentials, Too!

While you are busy looking after yourself during monsoons, it is possible that you might overlook taking care of your essentials too. Shop for a waterproof bag that you can use to pack all your necessities, especially your electronic goods! 

Monsoon can be a difficult season for your feet and you need to be careful while picking out the right footwear for this season. For a wide range of easy to maintain and rubber based footwear, check out Paragon ’s latest collection of shoes and slippers and you will be spoilt for choice!