The New Year has begun and if you haven’t yet made a fashionable resolution with regards to shoe styles for 2019, now is the time to get it together and stock up on essential shoes styles 2019 with the help of this specially compiled new year's shoe styles guide.

Commando Soles

Another trend that is set to make it big in 2019, is shoes featuring army-inspired commando soles. Normally made of rubber and featuring heavy cleated treads to increase grip in slippery conditions, these shoes are excellent in rainy weather and hilly as well as rugged terrain. The sole might look like its straight out of an army surplus store, but that doesn’t mean the rest of your outfit should be. When combined with woolen trousers, a chic jumper, and a trendy overcoat, this shoe work wonders.

Tan Mania

To be fair Loafers have always been in style and 2019 is no different. Rocking a pair of ethereal looking moccasins from the Paragon Max collection is sure to give your style the ultimate boost. Loafers are also a pure wardrobe staple. These classic shoes are extremely versatile and can get you through more than just a single occasion. Loafers look best when they are worn as part of streetwear-inspired styles, such as a pair of relaxed fit denims, a cross-body bag combines with a suave hoodie or track jacket. For smarter styles, wearing them with cropped trousers, neatly pressed white shirts, perfectly fitted blazers, and no-show socks works wonders.

Minimalistic Sneakers

All-white trainers had their moment in the sun. The trend, however, has given rise to a minimalist sneaker movement, that promises to be one of the hottest shoe styles for men in 2019. Subtly designed sneakers offer a versatility that allows for dressing either high-end or casual with athleisure or even with a pair of jeans. They are therefore a must-have for the male wardrobe.

Check out the Paragon Max collection, now! You'll be surprised at the sheer range of shoe styles that we have in store for you!