You probably have more trips to the footwear store for your kids than for you and your partner put together. But, not matter how many times you go or how perfect the shoes seem to fit them at the store, you will always find that your little one has either outgrown them, or the shoes don’t fit them well at all. But, fret not. We can fix this! In this week’s post, we’ll tell you some things that you can keep in mind before shopping footwear for your kids. Follow these, and you’ll see your tiny tot jumping around in joy all the time!

 1) Are The Shoes Made of Quality Material?

When shopping for kids school shoes, always pick footwear which are made from good quality and are branded. Quality shoes will not wear down easily and will be comfortable and durable for your kids.

 2) Have I Measured My Kids’ Feet Correctly?

While shopping for shoes, keep in mind that you need to measure your kid’s feet, and you need to measure both of them. This is because sometimes, both the feet can be of different sizes. This is also possible in adults. So, make sure that you measure both your feet before making the purchase.

3) Are The Shoes Easy To Wear?

Kids’ shoes must always be easy to wear. Make sure that the footwear you are purchasing has velcro or elastic bands around so that the shoes are easy to wear. You don’t want your little one to struggle, do you?

4) Is There Room For Movement?

Kids’ feet are always growing so fast! Your kid’s shoe should always have enough space for movement. If you are unsure about the space available, then test the shoes by asking your kids to wiggle their toes. If your child cannot wiggle his/her toes easily, then the shoes aren’t for them!

Kids are always on their feet and up to some mischief, and that’s the magic of childhood. But, if you want them to be comfortable while they are jumping around, then pick shoes up from Paragon for your child. Paragon’s footwear for kids ensures both comfort and quality for those tiny toes.