With Valentine's Day soon approaching, if you haven’t gotten to buying your significant other something for this special occasion, then it is best you get to doing so. If you are someone who is looking to completely indulge yourself in this celebration of love and wear matching sandals as a couple, then this blog is just for you. We have compiled a list comprising of hand-picked sandals for men and ladies sandals, that you can wear as a couple on Valentine's Day or even any other day. Another reason for loving Valentine’s day even if you’re not into it is making use of all the special sales and discounts to equip your footwear collection with some of the best sandals for men and sandals for women. At Paragon, we are known for having one of the most expansive collections of sandals online. The sheer variety of sandals in collections offer customers a wide selection to choose from. Our collections are comprised of sandals for all occasions, celebrations, and events. Check out some of the epic sandals designs from our collection, below.

 Men’s Blue and Grey Stimulus Sandals

Belonging to Paragon’s renowned  Stimulus collection, these blue and grey sandals are specially designed for men who enjoy their sports activities. Equipped with velcro, these sandals offer a more enhanced and firmer grip.Get yourself a pair for under ₹700, this Valentine’s day.

 Women’s Blue Solea Sandals

Featuring contrasting straps, these slingback women’s sandals are a sight to behold. In serene blue, these sandals from Paragon’s Solea range will give any fashionista the chills. An occasion all-rounder, one can wear these sandals with most outfits. Snap up yours now!

 Men’s Green Stimulus Sandals

Designed with triple velcro belts, these snazzy green Stimulus sandals offer a perfect-fit and enhanced grip. If you would like to truly push yourself at your next workout session, these sandals will help you do so effortlessly. Outperform your competitors by getting these sandals, today!

 Women’s Brown Solea Sandals

 For women who like heeled sandals - this pair of brown, women’s Solea sandals, featuring a 1.06-inch heel, designed to utter perfection. Providing optimum comfort and style, these sandals will have you looking ethereal at any semi-formal occasion. Buy yours, this instant!