We are standing in a world today, where our natural environment needs more attention than ever. With more manufacturing units catering to the increasing population, it has become essential to control the disposal mechanism. Waste is generated in almost every industry and while making every item of utility. Shoes are no different. It is particularly more difficult to recycle footwear since they contain a huge variety of materials which are stitched and glued together, especially sport shoes. Most of these materials when disposed of in the garbage, end up in landfills and polluting the environment.

As a socially responsible organization, we at Paragon, bring you some ideas to recycle and reuse used and old footwear and contribute to a healthier environment.


We always end up hoarding more than we need, especially shoes. Recycling those unwanted pairs helps in-

      Reducing solid wastes in landfills

      Promoting economic development in your region

      Reducing carbon footprint and increasing sustainability

      Converting waste into functional products

Have worn out flip flops lying in the shoe closet? Turn them into yoga mats, doormats, or a new style of footwear. There are plenty of DIY videos to help you turn your unwanted rubber and foam flip flops into something useful. You can also give away this footwear to independent artisans and social organizations who recycle old shoes and give you back a brand-new product. 


Just because you have a small, torn edge or a faded fabric on your sports shoes, doesn’t mean you should discard it right away. Awaken your artistic side and get creative with your old shoes. Repair and refurbish them using waterproof paints, appliques, etc. to create a refreshingly new pair of shoes. If shoes are too worn out, you can turn them into planters.


Donating your unwanted belongings to those in need is undoubtedly a good deed done. Also, it is a belief that donating shoes bring good energy. In all, if you give away your lightly used pairs, it will not only help the needy ones but also add reduce the waste you would have otherwise created.

This Earth Day, let us all do our bit to ensure that the planet we call home is cleaner, safer, and more livable.