Shopping footwear for toddlers. Sounds pretty easy, right? It’s just picking up a cute pair of well-fitting shoes for your little munchkin. But, no. It isn’t easy and it isn’t as simple as picking up a cute pair of sandals for girls. All parents who are running behind their busy bodies know how fast they outgrow things, especially something like footwear. So, today, we are here to your rescue! Here’s every mommy’s guide to toddler shoe shopping. 

The Exact Right Size

Your child’s feet are growing at a crazy pace. Did you know that children’s feet will grow up to 12 sizes in their first 3 years of development? So, as tempting as it might seem to just buy shoes which are just a size bigger, you have to buy shoes which fit your toddler exactly. This will ensure that there are no accidents while they are running around on their unsteady feet.

Change Is The Key 

It is recommended that you change your kids’ footwear often to ensure that they aren’t wearing shoes of the wrong size. Toddlers between 1-2 years of age should have their shoes changed every 2 months, kids between 3-4 years of age should have new footwear every 4 months, and kids between 5-6 years of age should have their footwear changed every 6 months.


If you are buying shoes for your child, then make sure that the shoes bend along with your child’s toes and that there is enough room for them to wiggle their toes. An inch of wiggle room is just about right.

Opt For Velcro

You don’t want to waste any time in tying shoelaces when you are running late. Velcro is a relatively easy and faster option for sandals for boys or girls. And the best thing about velcro is that it is safer than shoelaces.

Shop Later In The Day

Feet expand as the day progresses, so there’s a chance that your kid’s feet are larger in the evenings. Shop in the evenings or late afternoons to avoid any mishap with footwear.

Take Their Opinion 

Keep these things in mind the next time you are going shoe-shopping with your little one and pick up shoes which are just right for them. Looking for shoes which put quality first for toddlers? Then check out Paragon’s latest collection of shoes and sandals for kids. These are uber comfortable as well as cute and will be a perfect buy for your kids. Visit their website now!