Selecting the right pair of men's sports shoes is very important. No one wants to compromise on their personal well-being and health. The quality of your sports shoes for men plays a crucial role in determining how effective your workouts are. This is because wearing the wrong shoe size or wearing a pair of running shoes for men with inadequate soles, can result in the quick depletion of not just your energy, but also your morale, making the whole process of working out itself quite uncomfortable and daunting. A number of different factors are taken into account while purchasing a pair of sports shoes online. The size, weight, and fit of the shoe are the main factors to consider. At Paragon, our belief that the feet are as important, and deserve as much attention as any other part of the body. This has led us to develop a comprehensive collection of phenomenally comfortable sports shoes that offer extraordinary support and breathability, which in turn result in enhanced performance. Listed below are some of the top sports shoe styles for men, that you're guaranteed to find more of, in our collections.

Grey and Green Stimulus Sports Shoes

These lace-up style sports sneakers for men from Paragon's Stimulus range of footwear, widely recognized for comfortability and style, are apt for any sort of sport that one wishes to indulge in. These amazing shoes are crafted from PVC and mesh material and are designed with heels less than one inch thick. Get your pair, now!

Black Stimulus Sports Shoes

From the Stimulus collections these lace-up style black and red sports shoes made from mesh materials, also feature rubber soles that facilitate better and more comfortable strides. Hurry, purchase your pair, before its too late.

Navy Blue and Neon Green Stimulus Sports Shoes

These lace-up style sports sneakers for men are made from the most breathable material, making them quite comfortable. The neon colour works well for those who like blending fashion while jogging in the evening or taking walks. Grab your pair, now! They are also available in black-grey combination as well.